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A Guide for a Perfect Rome Stay

Robert De Niro once said:  ‘Italy has changed. But Rome is Rome.’  

We couldn’t possibly agree more: Rome will always be Roma Aeterna, The Eternal City. It nested the Italian Renaissance; gave birth to Baroque and Neoclassicism styles. Famous artists, painters, sculptors and architects made Rome the center of their activity for ages and ages. Rome is light and shadow, reverent or bohemian, intimate or mundane. No wonder it is the 3rd most visited city in the European Union and the 14th most visited in the world with the historic centre listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. At The Most Perfect View we were in love with Rome from the very first second. Stay with us and we will gladly take you through some of the places that make this town such an unforgettable place.

rome: the basics for your stay

Rome is located within Lazio, the central-western region of Italy.  The city runs along the shores of the Tevere (Tiber river) but is also crossed by a second river that flows into the latter north of the historic centre: the river Anione, once called the Teverone. Metropolitan Rome has a population of 4.3 million residents. The Vatican is unique as an example of a country that lies in a city, the reason why Rome has often been defined as the two states’ capital.

Roman climate is typical Mediterranean: winters are cool and humid, summers are hot and dry. The temperatures range from 3º to 12ºC in January, but the average in July or August is 30ºC. During summer the city is invaded by hordes of tourists; if you prefer to stay away from those favor Spring for your visit: the weather will be lovely and the crowds still at home.

Rome: Key Areas

Rome is sexy and curvy, ‘she’ deserves to be visited on foot. 

This peculiarity, how charming it may be, can make the city a bit confusing. Most of the people want to visit and stay at ‘centro storico’ but it is not easy to understand what the historical centre really is. We’ll help you on this. When opening Rome’s map use a marker and draw a line from the square designated as Castro Pretorio (upper right-hand) to the amazing Colosseum (approximately in the center of the map), Circus Maximus (a little lower), the Tiber river, the Vatican (left side) and finally end at Piazza del Popolo. This is what most of us want to see when we visit Rome for the first time. This area includes all the above as well as the Spanish Steps which you must absolutely climb to the top:  the moment you turn your back to the church of Trinitá dei Monti you will discover one of the most romantic views of the city (we can’t help to recommend it at dusk). Also, on your way to the famous Piazza Navona, you will find the beautiful Fontana di Trevi (yes, it’s even prettier than what you have imagined), the Pantheon (one of our most cherished) and, to the east, the Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as Castel Sant’Angelo

This will be like a first date with a drop-dead gorgeous woman. Save a few more days if you can: Rome deserves to be known more in depth and we’ll take you through it. 


There is more in Rome than what you can find in postcards or regular tourist guides. Rome is a city full of secrets worth to be discovered at dawn or nightfall when no one is around and the bliss of silence surrounds you. For those like you (and us) who love to grasp beyond the surface here are the unmissable sites in Rome. 

First of all, the neighborhoods: a journey to Rome will never be complete if you do not allow yourself a stroll about Aventine Hill or Campo dei Fiori and the Jewish Ghetto. The first dwells some of the loveliest streets and houses in Rome. Try not to fail the wonderful Basilica di Santa Sabina: it is perched high above the Tevere and next to Giardino degli Aranci (Garden of Oranges) where a serene terrace offers an impressive sight of the city.  At Campo dei Fiori and the Jewish Ghetto you can enjoy the same atmosphere as in Piazza Navona (with one third of the crowds). And go, by all means, to Trastevere: the ochre houses, the narrow, ever so charming streets, the artsy ambiance… simply irresistible.  Now, we have saved the best for last, our top five secrets in Rome: number one, the Terme di Caracalla. Named after the roman emperor, these ruins are majestic because of their size. If you visit Rome during summer do not miss the shows that Teatro dell’Opera sets up in place. Number two: Parco degli Acqueotti, the perfect scenery for a bicycle ride around ruins and tombs. Number three: the exquisite gardens at Villa Medici, near Trinitá dei Monti. Number four: Lungotevere, the embankments along the river; one of our favorites is Lungotevere Castello where wonderful vistas to Castel Sant’Angelo can be enjoyed. And, finally, number five: the stunning San Pietro di Montorio, a parade of artworks, frescoes… and a chapel designed by Bernini. The Tempetto, at the courtyard is a little jewel not to be missed.

Keen on knowing still more about Rome? Good, stay with us.


Rome is culture, history and breathtaking sights but also a remarkable place for shopping and… eating, of course. If you love browsing and you’re a fan of high fashion brands, go to Via Condotti and all streets that neighbor the Spanish Steps. On the other hand, if you fancy new designers Via dei Pellegrini, Via di Monserrato, and Via dei Banchi Vecchi, are some of Rome’s best shopping areas. Bargain and vintage hunters will fancy Via del Governo Vecchio and Mercato Monti, on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as Mercatino del Borghetto Flaminio (Sundays 10.30 a.m.-7 p.m.).

You may feel like having a break for a great italian ice cream. Let us share with you two of our most cherished shops: Gelateria dei Gracchi and Il Gelato di San Crispino. Both offer a delicious range of ‘gelati’ exclusively made with natural ingredients; the latter goes even farther: the owners believe cones interfere with the purity of the flavors - only tubs are allowed.

And what can we possibly say about eating in Rome? You’ve probably read and heard enough on the subject. So here are three of our favored restaurants: Osteria da Fortunata is a great (non touristy) place for lunch at Via dei Pellegrini. Casa Copelle, near Piazza Navona, an astounding spot for dinner.  And at the Trastevere, do not miss Osteria da Zi Umberto if you foster the quote ‘When in Rome, be a Roman’ as much as we do.


Rome will ever be Rome, now you understand it, right? 

Well, if we’ve got you this far partake The Most Perfect View final tips; hopefully they will bring extra value to your stay. In short: do not leave home without watching at least one of these movies: ‘La Grande Bellezza’, ‘La Dolce Vita’, ‘Roman Holiday’ or ‘To Rome with love’. They are most certainly the best Rome guides you can ever have. But if you are a cinema lover allow us to enrich your Roman cinematographic experience: stay at Hotel Palazzo Manfredi - Relais & Chateaux if you want to feel like ‘La Grande Belezza’’s main character. Book the Hotel Raphael - Relais & Chateaux for a true encounter with ‘To Rome with love’ (it was actually shot there). Make your reservation at Relais Fontana di Trevi in the case you do not want to forget Anita Ekberg’s scene in La Dolce Vita. Rent a Vespa (Rent Scooter Rome) or a Fiat 500 (Rome 500 EXP) during your stay so you can feel a little bit like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in ‘Roman Holiday’. 

And in The End? Save one more day just to get lost in town. Rome deserves it and you deserve it. Undoubtedly.


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