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Where to Stay in Florence


Florence is located in the centre of Italy, halfway between Venice and Rome. Even if its metropolitan area has around 1.5 million inhabitants, Florence itself has no more than 400.000 residents. This partially explains why there is a general feeling of going back in time when visiting and staying in Florence. The city medieval character is still preserved and, despite the occasional tourist crowds, one can still feel the essence of the city. It is pretty much consensual that Florence, Tuscany's capital, is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Italy but the world. In order to full appreciate this charming city, we present you with our suggestions of where you should stay next time you visit Florence. Firstly, it is important to understand that the Florence we describe here is the Florence surrounded by the Tuscan hills and crossed by Arno river.

Understanding Florence

On the northern side of the river is where the major Florence attractions can be found: the Duomo, also know as Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore - a climb to the top is mandatory as Florence panoramic views are breathtaking; Giotto's Bell Tower or Campanile, almost reaching 85 meters of height, also located in Piazza del DuomoPiazza della Signoria, where Palazzo Vecchio is, and just a few steps away from both Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi GalleryPiazza Santa Maria Novella, where the beautiful Basilica of Santa Maria Novella can be found; Piazza della Repubblica, the site of the former city forum, where intellectuals meet; Piazza Santa Croce, on the eastern limit of the historic city centre.

Hotels Location in FLORENCE

Most of the hotels with a view listed above are located in the historic centre of Florence, where after a maximum 20-minute walk, you'll be able to reach Florence's most visited attractions. The exceptions here would be Villa La Vedetta, Il Salviatino and Belmond Villa San Michele. Villa La Vedetta is located on a hilltop position at the southern side of the Arno, next to Piazzale Michelangelo (where the most amazing panoramic view of Florence awaits). Il Salviatino and Belmond Villa San Michele address is Fiesole, from where breathtaking Florence vistas can be enjoyed. Fiesole is the perfect choice for those wishing to stay near Florence in a more private environment.

Hotels by the southern bank of the river, near Ponte Vecchio, are quite special - Florence's skyline reflected on the Arno waters resemble with the view description found on the Florence inspired novel by E.M. Forster: "A Room with a View".

Best Places to Stay in Florence

As like in so many other situations, deciding where to stay on your next visit to Florence can be a very personal decision.

Some people enjoy the convenience of being able to visit the city's major attractions by foot, despite the expected tourist crowds. For these, our advice would be to stay in the vicinity of the Duomo or Piazza della Signoria.

In case your visiting Florence with your most precious one, we would suggest one of the charming hotels by the Arno River. Book a room with a view, enjoy the romantic panoramas from the privacy of your room and thanks us later for the tip. Alternatively, staying around Piazzale Michelangelo will ensure that Florence will be at your feet. There are no words to describe that magical view.

Should you be visiting Florence because you know for a fact that you won't be able to resist to shop until you drop, then staying around Piazza della Repubblica might be the right option for you. This impressive Florentine square is the epicentre of Florence's shopping scene. Here are the names to keep in mind: Via de’ TornabuoniVia dei Calzaiuoli, Via del Corso, San Lorenzo Market and Via Santo Spirito.

The reason why you're actually planning to visit Florence is mainly because you need to recharge your batteries. We get that. Instead of staying in Florence itself, stay in Fiesole, a charming Tuscan village just 20 minutes away from the city. From tranquil Fiesole, due to its elevated position, the panoramic views over Florence are unbeatable. 

To sum it up, despite your choice, you can't go wrong with any of these options. After all, this is Florence.


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