Where Hotels and Views Meet.

The Most Perfect View is the only hotel collection in the world based on fantastic views. As we are passionate for beautiful sights, we felt the need to share our passion with the world. Falling asleep checking the time with Big Ben in London or listening to the waves of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro are just examples of the remarkable experiences we invite travelers to live.

Ultimately, The Most Perfect View is a resource to assist demanding travelers to choose hotels with perfect views, from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

We have recently established a cooperation with Booking.com, the worldwide hotel leader reservations site. By doing so, we ensure travelers will be able to sleep next to some of the most perfect views of the planet and get the best deals available.

All hotels have been hand-picked by our team of Viewaholics. In order to be included, a hotel must offer a view, which can be enjoyed from the terrace, the restaurant, the pool or the room itself.

Enough talk - time to sit back and start browsing some of the most amazing panoramas available in our beautiful world.

Enjoy the Views!