Where to Go for a Perfect New York City View

When visiting New York, admiring an awe-inspiring view is mandatory.

We're sure you'll agree with that statement. In fact, it's hard to imagine New York without picturing a striking skyline view. In this article, we will provide you with a list of must-go places in NYC where definitely an image will be worth over a thousand words.


1# - View from your New York Hotel

In this article we start with the place where you'll probably spend more time while staying in New York: your hotel. we've learnt over the years that some of the most jaw-dropping views of New York can be appreciated from hotel's restaurants, rooftops or, even better, private guest rooms or suites.

To go through our hand-picked list of the best hotels in New York with a view, just follow the button below. Remember: these are the hotels to leave your curtains or shades wide open for your entire NYC stay.


2# - New York View from the Air

There's nothing like flying over Manhattan: instead of looking up as one usually does while walking trough the streets of NY, the greatest New York City views will be the ones under you. 

During a short helicopter flight, privileged passengers will be presented with a panoramic New York City view, a sight to remember forever.

Helicopter flights depart from multiple locations throughout the day. The routes usually include flying-over the Hudson River, providing magnificent views of Midtown's famous skyscrapers, Statue of Liberty (Liberty Island), Ellis Island, Central Park, George Washington Bridge and the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid.

These scenic flights may come with a hefty price tag (particularly when considering these flights usually last between 15-20 minutes) but those who've been given the opportunity to board describe this experience as "the best way to see Manhattan". 


3# - View from the Empire State Building

This is a classic New York City view. The only downside is you'll be missing the city's most iconic skyscraper: the Empire State Building itself. Prepare your visit ahead in order to skip the traditional long queues and go straight up to the 86th floor's main deck where 360-degree views over New York City await (this is the highest open-air observatory in the city).

The "View Menu" includes the Hudson River, East River, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Chrysler Building, Times Square and Brooklyn Bridge.

For those who don't settle for anything less than the best view, a visit to Empire State's 102nd floor (top deck) becomes essential.

Some programmed visits to the Empire State include hotel pick-up and drop-off, skip-the line access to both main and top decks and a 3-course dinner at the Empire State's restaurant STATE Grill and Bar. A word of advice: make an effort to visit an hour before sunset so you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Manhattan's skyline both during the day and night.


#4 - View from Brooklyn Bridge

Crossing the East River from East to West unveils one of the most exciting views of NYC and that is why we consider it one of the most romantic things one can do while in New York City. Pedestrians will enjoy on the right-side fabulous vistas of Washington Bridge, while walking straight into Manhattan's spectacular skyscrapers. This unique view is particularly interesting during the night when the overwhelming lights irradiate from Lower Manhattan.

In case you prefer to go on an organised visit, you'll be able to choose between walking, running and cycling tours. This is ideal for all of those who wish to learn more about one of New York's oldest bridges while exercising.


#5 - View from One World Trade Center

Built on the location of former World Trade Center, One World Trade Center evoques New York's resilient spirit of transforming grief into renewal.

Climb 102 floors in just 42 seconds and arrive at New York's tallest observation deck. Upon arrival, be presented with pretty stunning views of the Big Apple and see how it feels like to have the city literally at your feet.

Due to the events of 09/11, this can be an intense visit, both emotionally and visually - certainly a visit not to be missed. 


#6 - View from Statue of Liberty

A view of the Statue of Liberty used to be the newcomers' first sight upon arriving in the promising land of America.

Today, the Statue of Liberty still preserves its charisma and that is why a visit to New York won't be complete without taking the time to visit this very special lady.

As one would expect, New York looks stunning from the other side of the Hudson. On the way to Statue of Liberty, most tours will stop at the historic Ellis Island.


#7 - View from Rockefeller Center

Many will argue this is the best view New York City has to offer. Hard to disagree - in the end, it will come down to a matter of taste.

Visitors from the "Top of the Rock" will marvel with the dazzling 360-degree vistas, that's for sure. Looking north, Central Park will impress with its never-ending green area surrounded by concrete. To the south, the Empire State Building view is magnificent. Further south, One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty can also be spotted.

Don't miss out on this experience and, just to be safe, guarantee your ticket to the "Top of the Rock" even before arriving in New York as it can get very busy.


#8 - View from the Water

Where to Go for a New York City View - River Cruise.jpg

Get away from it all and embark on a New York cruise. This is a great way to travel around Manhattan (you'll navigate on the Hudson and East rivers), find inspiration on the superlative New York skyline views and celebrate the fact of being able to visit one of the most desirable locations in the world. 

There are many cruise options and some even include a romantic candle light dinner, which is a perfect opportunity to share the incomparable New York views with your better-half.

The fact that New York's skyline reflects on the calm river waters is just the cherry on top of the cake - take your camera!


So, in conclusion, what's New York's best view?

There's not a definitive answer to this question as New York is blessed with so many impressive vistas. 

Ultimately, New York is a place to absorb as many information as possible - and that includes all your senses and eyes can capture. 

A great view if you ask us? Getting back to your hotel after a Broadway show and contemplate New York's full splendour from the privacy of your room.