Ohla Hotel - A Perfect Hotel View in Barcelona

In Barcelona, magic happens once you arrive at Ohla Hotel's 8th floor.

Warmed by the sun and caressed by the Mediterranean sea, artistic Barcelona is among our favorite European cities. Next time you plan to visit Barcelona, do yourself a favor and stay in a hotel with a panoramic view over this beautiful city - a view like the one found at the Ohla Hotel, a five star boutique hotel located in Barcelona's historic centre, a few steps away from one of Barcelona's landmarks: Plaça de Catalunya. Mr. Albert Arranz, Ohla Hotel Marketing Director, shared his views (quite literally) with us.

  • What makes Ohla Hotel View so perfect?  

It is what you see when you go all the way upstairs, last floor and you discover another part of Barcelona that you can’t see walking around the Gothic Quarter. The Barcelona Cathedral, the rooftops of the Gothic Quarter, Tibidabo mountain… many little secrets that you can only see from Ohla Hotel.

  • When (season, month, day, night) is the View best enjoyed?

Every season is magic. Every day you can see different colours, you can feel a different breeze, listen to different sounds and taste different atmospheres… If I have to chose one, probably will be before summer or right the end of summer.

  • How should one experience Ohla Hotel View in a truly memorable way?

By staying in Ohla Hotel. You come to visit Barcelona to enjoy the history, the gastronomy, the magic that you can find in every corner, the people... And at the end of a very long long day, you leave your room, take the elevator to the 8th floor and once you step out, you will see that there is something there waiting for you. We'll do the rest.

  • Is there a particular room or hotel division you would like to highlight for its perfect Views?

The only place where you can enjoy this view is from our terrace, the Ohla Chill-Out Terrace.

  • Describe Ohla Hotel View in a single word.