Kimberley River Lodge: Australia's Northwest Call

Not just a remote journey. A journey to Kimberley is a journey to one's inner-self.

It goes without saying that Australia is generally perceived as a distant country - we can't deny geography. The way we see it? A diverse country awaiting to be discovered. There are more than a thousand reasons to head straight to Australia and experience something different. On this occasion, we spoke with Verity Nelson about Western's Australia Kimberley region and the stunning Berkeley River Lodge - the desire of exploring this untouched natural paradise just grew on us more and more. Australia is definitely calling and we feel like answering this call as never before.

  • What makes Berkeley River Lodge's views so perfect?

The Berkeley River is nestled on the gentle curve of Joseph Bonaparte Gulf on Australia’s remote north Kimberley coast. A stone’s throw from some of the most spectacular untouched coastal wilderness on Earth. The closest town lies 150 kilometres south to south east but there is no road or trail leading you here. The only access for the privileged few is by scenic transfer departing Kununurra and Darwin. The remote location ensures uninterrupted 180 degree views from the ocean across to the red gorges rising up from the land from your private luxury villa.

  • When (season, month, day, night) is this most perfect view best enjoyed?

Berkeley River Lodge is open from March till November with the vista changing monthly. March and April brings roaring waterfalls and overflowing fresh water swimming holes while May to August is the dry season and showcases the florescent blue water iconic to the Kimberley region. September through to November is known for its peak fishing months with the warmer waters bringing an abundance of Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Queenfish and many more to the surrounding waters of Berkeley River Lodge. 

  • How should one experience Berkeley River Lodge vistas in a truly memorable way?

It is recommended guests experience Berkeley River Lodge from another perspective…..from the air! Guests have access to the Bell 407 helicopter for day excursions across to the mighty waterfalls, meander up the coastline dotted with reef and islands or our most popular excursion is the romantic sunset helicopter experience. Guests are dropped at the peak of Mount Casuarina with a hamper and bottle of sparkling to watch the sun dip below the horizon and cast the Kimberley colours across the sky. 

  • Any particular room(s) or hotel division(s) you would like to highlight for its perfect views?

There are two room types at Berkeley River Lodge, Ocean View and River View villas. As the name suggests the Ocean View villas overlook the Timor sea with the sandbars changing daily with each tide creating unique patterns and no two days are ever the same. The River View overlooks the mighty gorges rising up from the land. Throughout the day the gorges come to life as the Kimberley Sun moves over to highlight the unique colours which is an attraction in itself.

  • Why should visitors choose to stay at Berkeley River Lodge when planning a visit to Kimberley?

Nowhere else can guests experience the truly rugged surroundings of the Kimberley region from your doorstep. All guest activities are only minutes away and after a day of exploring guests are met with the luxury that is truly Berkeley River Lodge. 

  • Part of the thrill of visiting Berkeley River Lodge is getting to such an isolated location. How is that experience?

Daily transfers depart Kununurra and Darwin and getting there is half the adventure! The scenic flight highlights just how vast this land is and guests can take in the unique waterways, jagged coastline and island dotted across the Kimberley Coast. For those wanting that little bit extra, sea plane flights are available and land in front of the Lodge on the Berkeley River!

  • Are those lucky few staying at Berkeley River Lodge about to experience a life-changing visit? In what way?

Nowhere else in the world will guests encounter so many experiences from one location. The remoteness promotes uninhibited wildlife activities which guests are able to witness. From a hundred year old Flatback turtle laying her eggs on the beach to crocodiles lazing in the sun beside the mangroves on the Berkeley River. Waters teaming with fish to guests swimming in rock pools with the iconic water lillies floating on the surface. Guests become part of nature in a way they never thought possible. The disconnection from the outside world proves therapeutic to the soul of every guest.

  • How do you envision luxury at Berkeley River Lodge?

Luxury is all about the experience and is embedded in the location, villas and unique experiences. The private luxury villas have open air ensuites for bathing under the Kimberley stars while the glass frontages invites the views in to watch the sunrise from the luxurious king sized beds. Luxury is sunset drinks with champagne and canapes on the never ending white beaches, meandering down the Berkeley River on the river cruise boat enjoying a multi course lunch, dining by the pool in Dunes Restaurant enjoying a five course degustation dinner with perfectly matched wines.

  • We can only imagine the jaw-dropping aerial views enjoyed from the scenic flights. Would you like to make an attempt of putting it into words?

In today’s world of concrete jungles and overdeveloped vistas it is difficult to come across a landscape that is truly ‘untouched’ with no human interference. Soaring over the epic landscapes in the Bell 407 Helicopter is like taking a journey back to the beginning of time.

  • Running your Dunes Restaurant in such remote location must be challenging. Where do you source the ingredients from?

Where possible produce is sourced on site. Fresh eggs are laid on site by the resident chickens while all seafood is caught by staff just minutes before service. These includes a selection of locally caught fish such as Barramundi, Queenfish, Mangrove Jack, Salmon, Trevally, Mackeral and Mudcrabs. Bread is baked fresh daily and seasonal produce is grown and tendered to onsite. All other food is flown in daily from local producers in Kununurra and Darwin ensuring optimum quality and freshness.

  • We've heard about beautiful waterfalls in Kimberley region. What are the must-visit locations in Kimberley?

Mitchell Falls and King George Falls are the most commonly visited from the Berkeley River Lodge. On our way to the thundering Mitchell Falls, the landscape changes from grassy plains to dramatic rock formations and pockets of lush rainforest dotted with ancient Livistonia palms. Touching down at the top of the Mitchell Falls, quests can explore this natural wonder as the spray from the falls gently cools your face. With a gourmet hamper in hand, guests are then whisked away for a special wilderness picnic before heading back to the coast to take in the spectacle of the famous King George Falls.

  • Last but not least, describe Berkeley River Lodge views in a single word.