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Enjoying Views on Your Way to Hotel Views.

On this occasion we'll be writing about one of our favourite means of travel - the train - and how convenient it can be.

At The Most Perfect View we are constantly on the move in a quest to bring you the finest hotel views in the world. Doing so, as one can Imagine, often requires to travel extensively. 

It was just recently, between a train trip between Gothenburg and Stockholm, that we realised how magnificent travelling by train can be. Crossing Sweden's country side from the west to the east made us understand how valuable a train's window can be. We saw hills covered by flowers, little Swedish houses with families playing outside, rivers gently flowing around charming towns, a breathtaking sunset...

This short post intends to be a reminder to all international travellers that going from A to B by train can be at a same time a scenic experience, one hard to enjoy from the sky's heights. Besides, it's always comforting to arrive at a city center (train stations are usually located central areas).

Exploring this concept is a new website -, focused on offering a list of hotels near stations worldwide (some also include a view to our delight).

Hit the tracks and be amazed!