Viewaholics, your next travel addiction has launched!

Travideo Vision.jpeg

Inviting you to a Travel-by-Video Experience.

As you may all have realised by now, The Most Perfect View offers travellers the opportunity to find the most exceptional hotel views on the planet. Adding more destinations and spotting new hotels is an ongoing - yet very pleasant - task, so keep an eye on future entires.

Today, and after months of hard-work and reaching out to several filmmakers, I'm proud to share with you our newest project that: Travideo.

Bubbling with carefully picked breath-taking videos from award-winning filmmakers and passionate travellers, Travideo isn’t just a video platform, it’s a window to some of the world’s best holiday gems.

The vision behind Travideo is to give everyone the opportunity to see the world in all its beauty, shining a new light on top-notch spots and shaping adventures with a vast array of some of the world’s best kept hidden locations.

You’ll find that there are so many wonders to explore in this world that your bucket list will cram - mine sure has.

This wanderlust engine allows you to search for specific locations or simply discover something new by choosing categories such as ‘Natural Beauty’ and ‘The Road Less Travelled’, and tags as diverse as ‘Beaches’ or ‘People of the World’.

And if you’re an indecisive traveller, let our “Take me Somewhere!” feature fly you to a surprise location or simply go around the globe with our interactive map (map fans, this one is for you!).

Has the infamous travel bug bitten you yet? So, start browsing, get inspired and set off to see this beautiful planet.