The Brando - A Perfect Hotel View in Tetiaroa

A View to make a grown man cry.

Absolute perfection - Godfather style. This would probably be a good way to describe what to expect from The Brando. It is quite easy to understand why Marlon Brando couldn't resist the charms of this South Pacific piece of paradise. At The Most Perfect View we were immediately struck by the intense beauty of this French Polynesia exclusive island - and take our word for it, we have seen a lot of spectacular places around the world. At The Brando luxury is not defined by material things but by the unique sensations one can experience and take home. The balance between conservation, natural beauty and flawless service hardly finds a match elsewhere.

The Brando has partnered with National Geographic and belongs to the exclusive selection of the Unique Lodges of the World.

To learn more about The Brando and its truly phenomenal views, we had a word with Richard Bailey, the man behind it all.


  • What makes The Brando views so perfect?

It is composed of a serene foreground of coral-filled lagoon, bordered by waves breaking on the reef, with the immense expanse of the great Pacific ocean just beyond, and scattered wisps of peach colored cotton floating just above. This view will for a moment steal your breath and lift the burdens of life, no matter what they may be.

  • When (season, month, day, night) is the view best enjoyed?

My favorite view at The Brando is the one from a table at Bob’s Bar that is nestled among the mikimiki at the edge of the beach, from about 1 hr before sunset. It is one to calm and quiet the spirit. There are countless shades of blue and green. Whales may be cavorting just beyond the reef. It is a view to make a grown man cry.

  • How should one experience The Brando view in a truly memorable way?

It is best experienced though with a Dirty Old Bob from the bar (which can also be delivered by room service), and next to someone with whom you can share such a privileged view.

  • Is there a particular room or hotel division you would like to highlight for its perfect views?

This view can also be enjoyed from the rocking chair on the terrace of any west-facing villa at The Brando.

  • Describe The Brando view in a single word or expression.

Literally "Breathtaking" and then "Serenity", "time being suspended".